Reach Out, Connect, Engage!

FIZIX is a bold creative agency who design engaging experiences, websites, apps, games, social media applications and integrated campaigns that connect you to your audience across digital touchpoints & social media outlets, who increase awareness of your brand & build sustainable, long lasting bonds between you and your consumers.

Creativity Strategised

By infiltrating your audience and understanding their needs, culture, lifestyle, how they interact with your brand, what unifies them and understanding the emotional connections between you and them, we can design rich creative solutions and campaigns that are lead by comprehensive, consumer lead strategy.

By reaching out to your consumers strategically and engaging them in meaningful ways, we help you leave lasting impressions, strengthen bonds and open new conversational channels between you and your consumers. This in turn builds a stronger, more invested tribe that are more loyal and more likely to purchase.

Through understanding where your audience are now & where they are headed we can help you meet them there as opposed to chase them there, we can tap into new creative ideas & be first out the gate with breakthrough creative technology.

  • Capabilities

    • Interactive Strategy

    • Social Strategy

    • Analysis & Optimization

    • User Research & Analysis

    • Monetisation Strategy

    • Integrated Campaigns

Integrated Web & Apps

We design websites, apps, user experiences, social media applications, integrated campaigns and other creative content that reach out to your consumers across platforms and connect them across social media outlets.

We believe that the way it makes you feel is as important as what it does. A design shouldn't just be attractive or usable; it also needs to be tangible, to leave an impression that sticks, make them feel something, to remember you, to identify with you.

By baking in social connectivity and allowing them to engage with your brand and each other in authentic, or even intimate ways, we can get them to spread the word, purchase more and convert them from simple consumers into dedicated fans.

  • Capabilities

    • Website Design & Development

    • Campaign Websites

    • Mobile & Tablet Apps

    • Social Media Integration

    • Interactive Applications

    • Rich Internet Applications

    • Augmented Reality

    • Gamification

Gamified (KA-POW!)

Humans are competitive by nature and have a hunger to be entertained. Using gaming and gamification we can tap into your audiences natural competitive spirit & need to be entertained. By doing this we encourage longer engagement, offer reward and if done right, unite your audience.

Interactive entertainment products and games tap into their desire to be entertained, to educate, to communicate, to compete, to excite and to inspire.

  • Capabilities


Strategic, Interactive Marketing & Advertising

FIZIX is a blend of creatives and marketeers. We use deep consumer insight to guide our strategy, measure performance and optimise campaigns.

By making emotional connections between you and your consumers we can excite them, inspire them, wow them, spark their imagination and leave an impression that sticks, even with the most whimsical of consumers.

Our campaigns are strategic and socially we target not only you're biggest market influencers and potential consumers but importantly connect you directly & open conversational channels with your most die hard of fans, who act as a powerful catalyst who are trusted amongst their peers and who will promote, disrupt, spread messages, build bigger audiences & convert consumer interest into buyers.

  • Capabilities

    • Advertising Design

    • Social Media Campaigns

    • Rich Media & Banners

    • Brand Design

    • Print Design

    • SEO/SEM

    • Integrated Campaigns

    • Advergames

Our Clients

Our clients include Aston University, European Bioenergy Research Institute, PowaSava and Virgin Media, University of Reading

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