Unity 3D

  • Unity Scripting Lesson 1

    Unity Scripting Lesson 1

    Posted by FIZIX Richard on Tue 3rd July 2012 5:47pm

    In this tutorial we will be learning how to create and use scripts in Unity and how scripts are structured. This tutorial is aimed at those who are new to Unity and need a quick guide on scripting in Unity so that they can begin working on their own scripts or so that they can continue on with other tutorials and guides with a foundation of knowledge on the topic.

    Unity supports three different...


  • Unity First Steps Tutorial

    Unity First Steps Tutorial

    Posted by FIZIX Richard on Tue 3rd July 2012 1:34pm

    Welcome to our First Steps tutorial for Unity 3D. This beginners guide is intended for new users to Unity who have a basic understanding of the Unity Interface and are eager to learn how to create games using Unity. This is a somewhat lengthy post that goes from an empty scene to a simple game level with a terrain, some objects, sky and a basic playable character.

    This tutorial was first writt...


  • Introducing Unity 3D

    Introducing Unity 3D

    Posted by FIZIX Richard on Mon 2nd July 2012 4:22pm

    In this tutorial we will introduce you to the Unity 3D game engine. The tutorial contains an introduction to what Unity is, what it's suitable for, what it isn't, an introduction to the basic concepts of unity and take a tour of the UI and its basic features.

    This tutorial assumes you're new to Unity, you might have even had a dabble with the engine but have found that tutorials in general are...