Manifest Destiny CG Characters

  • Manifest Destiny CG Characters

    Manifest Destiny CG Characters

    Posted by FIZIX Agency on Fri 21st May 2010 2:26pm

    FIZIX recently embarked on a number of independent computer and videogames related projects; one such project being a fantasy online role playing game. As part of the process we decided to produce a number of high resolution character models for visualization purposes.

    One such character based on the illustrative concepts produced by our concept artist Jinki, is Celes; one of the main characters in the game. This high resolution model serves as a rich creative reference for which the lower resolution in-game versions were produced and as a creative marketing piece.

    We used this as an opportunity to play with a number of effects to breathe a little realism into the characters; this particular model demonstrates high detail skin textures. We feel that eyes bring a character to life, so particular attention was paid to the depth and correct reflectivity of them.

    Pictured below we have a face render of Celes.

    Celes high resolution character model for manifest destiny game.