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Project: NN Business Networking

NN Business Networking Northern England Business Networking

NN Business Networking

Northern England Business Networking

Due to contractual agreements client details can only be exposed upon request, please contact us for more information about this client.

The Need

The client, a regional business networking group who connect local business leaders until this point held a simple brochure style website and small forum.

The solution they had was antiquated and well overdue for renewal; so a new UI was certainly required.

Furthermore they wanted to take this opportunity to enhance the features of the website to allow regional business leaders to network online, arrange meets, promote themselves and chat.

As they already had a forum, powered by vBulletin, it was decided that a heavy integration between brochure website and forum would be useful.

The Solution

A fresh new UI that was modern, incorporated the new site features, was corporate in feel and particularly easy to use was adopted.

FIZIX then took the vbulletin forum and began the complex enhancement, branching the solution out to include the brochure website and fleshed out with new business networking features such as:

1. Business groups
2. Business promotional pages
3. Articles and blogs
4. Paid profiles for businesses
5. Meeting schedules

Services: integration design, vbulletin integration, php development, social integration

Technology: oo php, mysql, xml, vbulletin integration, html, css, photoshop, graphics design, theme creation

Category: Web Application, Social Media