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Project: Save2Travel

Save2Travel World travel and cruises made affordable


World travel and cruises made affordable

The Need

Save2Travel, a new online travel agency and savings trust fund provider required a large web solution that would meet the following requirements:

1. Allow users to browse land/air tours and cruises

2. Allow users to set personal travel preferences; the site should then recommend cruises and tours based on these preferences.

3. Provide integration with the Tripit web service
4. Allow users to book vacations

5. Allow users to create savings accounts where they can deposit one-off payments or setup a monthly plan to save towards vacations.

6. Include full integration with Facebook

7. Include social connectivity

8. Provide destination information

9. Include a fully fledged support system and CRM.

The Solution

FIZIX's solution was delivered using our internal framework "FUSION" and was met with great reception both by the client and end users and is currently powering their quickly up-and-coming business.

Under the hood, cruises and land/air tour information is powered by an aggregated travel providers api's; providing over 60,000 worldwide tours and cruises from multiple operators at any one time.

Users can browse vacations, create savings accounts, book vacations and using an elaborate preference matching system; the site accurately targets vacation recommendations.

Further to this the site provides detailed information on individual cities and major tourist locations.

Socially the site allows users to tap into their Facebook and Tripit accounts, which provides interfaces to invite friends, create and maintain travel logs, travel photo albums, share trips and more.

Services: application design, application development, connected experiences, social integration, api integration

Technology: php, mysql, html 5, css 3, javascript, jquery, facebook api, tripit api, xml

Category: Web Application, Social Media