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Project: Sizzle Tan Salon

Sizzle Tan Salon A youthful, stylish salon

Sizzle Tan Salon

A youthful, stylish salon

The Need

Sizzle Tan Studios, an exclusive, luxury tanning salon, required a fresh website that represented their stylish, youthful image and promoted healthy and responsible tanning.

The Solution

FIZIX produced an interactive brochure website that blended a graphical user interface with photographic content of the salon and models and featured a dynamic music player where the salon could create their own playlists for visitors to listen to.

The site provides the following content:
- Salon information
- Facility information
- Facility promotional videos
- Spray tanning products
- Healthy tanning information
- Integrated media player
- Promotional coupons

Services: flash design, flash actionscript development, web design, media player development

Technology: flash, actionscript, photo manipulation, interactive design, graphics design, media streaming

Category: Web Design, Brand Destination