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Project: Sociolus Brand Platform

Sociolus Brand Platform Deep social listening and campaign platform

Sociolus Brand Platform

Deep social listening and campaign platform

The Solution

The Sociolus Brand Platform is a multi-network social media platform for brands, artists, entertainment and media that provides deep consumer insights, social listening, integrated campaigns and influencer campaign capabilities over Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+/Youtube and Vimeo.

A broad campaign and analytics solution it provides an all in one social media campaign platform with some unique offerings. The platform provides social media metrics such as reach, influence, audience, engagement and popularity, a metric unique to the Sociolus platform that listens into audience discussion and engagement patterns over public social media and scores the users love for the brand, resulting in a popularity metric which gives a critical insight into consumer perceptions and brand popularity.

These metrics are provided at overview and granular levels and offer pyramid filtering from the brand down to the individual content and campaign levels, allowing you to track growth, audience engagement, trends and performance at a high level through to a detailed level including hashtag and mention performance.

Charting and campaign features also allow brands to compare performance across social media outlets and compare performance and relationships between networks, so for example an artist who has content on Vimeo can cross track sharing and discussion over Twitter for their entire library or for specific videos.

The platform also provides "service level insights", where brands can build a product or content profile and track discussion, performance and the popularity of their individual products and services over social media.

Understanding your consumers and your broader social media audience is essential, so the platform provides a number of insight facilities such as the discussion feed which tells you exactly what people are saying over social media and the "Ambassadors" system which highlights both market influencers such as media outlets and consumer influencers (AKA your most die hard of fans). This system allows you to filter and order influencers by various priorities such as the influencers audience size and influencers love for your brand (built from a combination of positive discussion and interaction with your brand).

The platform also provides a comprehensive campaign management facility which allows brands to publish, track and measure various types social media promotions, market influencer campaigns that are targeted at market commentators, consumer influencer campaigns that are targeted at your consumers and reward campaigns that offer your consumers gifts or other rewards for interacting with your brand.

The metrics offered for campaigns include reach, engagement and sharing, audience and popularity metrics. These facilities, like with the overall brand and content/discussion level metrics are also provided at a summary and granular level, right down to individual content items, mentions and hashtag performance.

Note: Due to the sensitive nature of brand analytics and campaigns, all screenshots show data for demonstrative purposes only.

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