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Project: Trailermen Movie

Trailermen Movie Sci-Fi Online ad/movie

Trailermen Movie

Sci-Fi Online ad/movie

The Need

Trailermen, an established AAA production music company required a gritty, sci-fi movie to serve as an intro to their showreel interface.

The companies indie music roots and orchestral/epic chords talent lead them to desire a somewhat gritty looking, quasi-sci-fi looking intro.

The request was for a "futuristic looking music device that looks like it was put together by an engineer using spare electrical and mechanical parts".

The Solution

FIZIX produced a rich sci-fi intro that features a portable music device that transforms into a portable music player; which forms the base interface for their showreel.

Using rich 3D CGI graphics, animation and special effects we created a portable music device with damaged metal edges and bits of loose wire to create a device that looks similar to how an iPod classic may look if it was put together; as per the spec; by an engineer using miscellaneous electrical and mechanical parts.

Category: Animation, Campaign