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Project: Trailermen Campaign

Trailermen Campaign Campaign site for a major TV & Film composor

Trailermen Campaign

Campaign site for a major TV & Film composor

The Need

Trailermen, a music production company headed by composer Jules Bromley, approahed FIZIX to orchestrate a bold, disruptive campaign that would build on both his commercial and indie music roots and reinvigorate the studio as a AAA music production company targeted at TV and film and which would expand their client portfolio with an emphasis on TV networks and film studios.

The companies indie music roots, history of remixing and production for commercial artists, working with a who's who of record labels and unique orchestral/epic chords lead to a rich campaign that would make a cinematic, even epic blast to the viewer, one that would leave an impression.

This exciting approach would show their suitability to TV and film while using their extensive music industry experience and kudos as their credibility.

They also needed a rich, interactive demo reel featuring music and video along with creating custom, branded reels for TV and film studios.

The Solution

TV and Film was the goal, so a cinematic experience was the solution.

FIZIX created a CG heavy interactive experience that blasted to the viewer from outer space, revealing a futuristic brand desitination and reel site with an epic background score.

Attention to detail was essential, right down to the speakers pumping to the beat of the background score.

Category: RIA, Brand Destination, Campaign